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The one and only Scooter Quote API

Everyone loves APIs. Everyone loves Scooter. This is a project created for fun by @bexysiggetje/, wicked. How much is the fish should be taken lightly, not much restrictions are imposed on the API. Core. Rough radical.

# API Usage Data Users Greetz Respect

Track Album Information

APIJSON Endpoints

Posse!, don't use a trailing /, you have been warned.

Endpoint Description Status
/json/random Fetch a random quote Implemented
/json/random/generate Create a random quote based on the database Implemented, needs work
/json/random/video Return a random video (only returns videos[0]) Implemented
/json/daily Fetch the quote of the day Implemented
/json/perma/<quoteid> Deeplink to your favorite quote Implemented

GraphQL queries

Midnight crew, the graphql schema can be queried at /graphql and supports the following schema; this schema is also fetchable at /schema.gql.

scalar Date

type Query {
  random: Quote!
  video: Video!
  daily: Quote!
  quote(id: ID!): Quote!

type Quote {
  id: ID!
  permalink: String!
  hash: String!
  text: String!
  track: String!
  album: String!
  year: Int!
  album_information: String!
  album_cover: String!
  album_thumb: String!
  releasedate: Date!

  # Track data is optional
  track_cover: String
  track_thumb: String
  track_master: String

  # Not all data have videos available
  videos: [Video]

type Video {
  title: String!,
  link: String!

Which could then possibly be queried using your favorite method with a query like this;

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{ \"query\": \"{ random { text track } }\" }"

UsageRough radical

DataThe actual JSON in all it's glory

Every quote is returned in a non formatted JSON string, the resulting string contains the following data. Track and video data is only returned if found on discogs.

  "id": "34",
  "permalink": "http:\/\/\/json\/perma\/34",
  "hash": "0160d2b85e18175df0877a31638831a75bc666b4",
  "quote": {
    "text": "Before success can manifest. You've got to go through the learning process.",
    "track": "The learning process",
    "album": "Back To The Heavyweight Jam",
    "year": "1999",
    "album_information": "https:\/\/\/Scooter-Fuck-The-Millennium\/release\/262481",
    "album_cover": "https:\/\/\/WdO3KH0r2sBHbvR75Dv6u2RwzSk=\/fit-in\/600x590\/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(96)\/discogs-images\/R-262481-1276693542.jpeg.jpg",
    "album_thumb": "https:\/\/\/5gKKBkZNazjTHIeFGHHi_sGYy4A=\/fit-in\/150x150\/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb()\/discogs-images\/R-262481-1276693542.jpeg.jpg",
    "releasedate": "1999",
    "track_cover": "https:\/\/\/AD--SmD2VvUapPnsiK61XWiNWFQ=\/fit-in\/600x600\/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(96)\/discogs-images\/R-4728744-1373622513-9493.jpeg.jpg",
    "track_thumb": "https:\/\/\/UXxX33ylr8YRvB41zTJvsJEnoDw=\/fit-in\/150x150\/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb()\/discogs-images\/R-4728744-1373622513-9493.jpeg.jpg",
    "track_master": "https:\/\/\/Scooter-Back-To-The-Heavyweight-Jam\/release\/4728744",
    "videos": [
        "title": "Scooter - Faster Harder Scooter (Official Video HQ)",
        "link": "http:\/\/\/watch?v=j0LD2GnxmKU"

UsersImplementations and libraries

Have a public implementation? Great! Tweet @bexysiggetje or toot and get it listed here.

@scooterquote Rubygem Piping into shell Scooter Quotes app Scooter TV Goscooter
From the same guy that brought you Mastodon bot tooting Scooter quotes at set intervals A wrapper in ruby by @ivdma A gist explaining how to pipe the json with jq and curl into your favorite shell Great native app by losbeekos implementing most of the API Randomly play a scooter video Go library and cli
twitter github github github github

Greetzto the junglist soldiers

In great Scooter fashion: We want to sing a big shout to bierfoto, and to all ravers in the world! And to H.P. Baxxter, Phil Speiser, Michael Simon, Ferris Bueller, Rick Jordan, Frank Visser, Fatman Scoop, The Bloodhound Gang, Status Quo, Jens Thele, Strato, Rinze S. and to Winkelcentrum Woensel.

Maximum respectnot only to the man in the icecream van

Credit where credit is due; Currently all album information and cover images link to, their posse keeps the spirit alive. Text generation is done using Markov Chains provided by RiTa. The service runs on a Debian machine with Node.js and Restify.